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Troubles with numbered list


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Hi all, 

I have got troubles with the numbered list

 - I can't adapt the formatting choosen to the number, it remains on its original layout

- Then impossible to separate the followed numbers with some text or whatever, if you do click on numbered list it starts from 1 again, and not with the followed number

At least Microsoft Word offers to adjust the "starting from" in its numbered list... With evernote you can't do that, if you do modify one title in your note you have to manually adjust all the previous and the following titles numbers 😵

Thanks for your help ! 


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EN is a note app, no word processor. It has what it takes for a note. It does not have what it takes to write an elaborate, complex document - and it does not intend to be used for it.

If you need advanced formatting option, use a word processor and attach the file to the note.

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