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Improved markup, etc



Hello, Evernote team!

I first want to say how exciting it is to see you putting so much effort into growing Evernote and streamlining it in such a way that it makes for so much more of a pleasurable experience each day. It’s extremely nice to go to Evernote in the morning, and see my scratchpad, a pinned note for all of my current to do items, and now tasks. I’ve been a long-term Things 3 user, and I’m hoping this may usurp that because my ideal is to keep everything in my busy work life in one place. I’ve been a faithful Evernote user since the very beginning, 2008, possessing 2 accounts, and I appreciate all of your hard work. (having also worked an app production myself).

There are 2-3 things that I think would set Evernote above the rest, and put it over the edge in terms of being absolutely phenomenal.


Wish list items I’m hoping for:

1) Markup: The ability to markup images directly using the current system, is truly lacking, not helpful, cumbersome, and not at all concise or precise. I find myself having to download an image from Evernote and open it up in Apple notes if I want to mark up an image with precision and then put it back into Evernote. The current system is lacking tremendously in comparison to almost all other image markup systems. My top wish list item would be that I could tap an image in Evernote and instead of using this very old system, which seems to be based on the old Skitch system, to be able to park up with precision and enjoyment and with a very natural feel such as can be found via Apple notes.  Any chance for this to improve tremendously?

2) Now that you got me spoiled with the “scratchpad” as well as the home page, (;-)) the ability to add hand-written notes in the scratchpad, especially in terms of precision notes i.e. markup style (apple notes style) and not Skitch style, would be wonderful. Additionally, with iOS 15 forthcoming, and apples instituting the ability to create Apple notes within any app, it seems like this would be a very natural and wise progression and I would love to see it. I feel like it would be extremely helpful to your cars not to mention helpful to your faithful users.

3) I greatly missed the Apple Watch app version. It was so wonderful. Apple notes doesn’t even offer itself on it, and Evernote was my go to. I know you’re working on it and it’s on your to do list. I’m looking forward to it immensely.

Thank you for hearing my thoughts, it’s an honor to be part of the beta team and I’m enjoying what you’re doing with tasks. Things are moving along nicely, and thank you again for such hard work and what appears to be such devotion.

David R.


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Neutral about the handwriting to the scratchpad. If the Scribble feature is active on your iPad, you can simply write into the field with the pencil, and it converts your handwriting into computer text. Serves my need, I don‘t need to see my handwriting, when the content is grabbed.

+1 for a better image annotation

+1 for Apple Watch - still a PITA it is missing

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