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How to remove myself shared notes from others

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Ask him to remove the share.

When it is a shared notebook, you can go to the 3 dots top right. In the submenu you find the option to leave the share.

In a note, the 3dots have the option to delete the note.

It gets tricky when he already deleted the shared note at his end. This makes them orphans in your account. 

My last notice was you can’t delete orphaned notes. IMHO this would be a design bug - maybe they did something about it. You could try support on this.

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I'm having the same problem. A note was shared with me many years ago. I don't have contact with that person anymore, and don't think they have an account. I can't delete it and it's annoying me like a crazy person. I can't delete it. How do I remove it?

Note, I only have a basic account. Thanks in advance.

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