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Can't share notebook



I share notebooks with my clients. Now - for the first time - a client can't see the notebook. She gets the email with the invitation but if she clicks on the link or go directly to her notebook she neither sees the shared notebook in the "shared" nor in the "notebook" section. She is having a hotmail.com-email adress - in case that's important. HELP thanks!


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It seems nobody can comment on this post. Probably it is too specific, or can’t be reproduced.

When you say you share notebooks with clients, I assume it is a professional use. IMHO a free, basic service should not be used for professional purposes. You see here you can’t get support on this, because you „save“ the equivalent of one cup of „black-to-go“ per month.

Is it really worth your hassle and time (and those of your clients) that you are counting the pennies on this ?

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I have the same problem as NH21. Only I am a Professor and I share notebooks with students for educational purposes. It is unreasonable to ask them to pay for an Evernote subscription. For some reason most students have no problem accessing my shared notebooks using their free Evernote accounts. But every semester there are a few who click on the invitation and cannot see my shared notebooks anywhere within Evernote. I though removing access and then re-sending the share invitation might solve it, but when I try to remove access I get a "failed to remove invitations" error message. 

Any ideas on why this happens and how to fix it?

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