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my Evernote android version 10.10 always loading and don't stop

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I am a  Evernote free version user from Taiwan

Once I open my Evernote, there is a circle rotating after few second. And it don't stop any more.

So that I can't read any content of my own Evernote appropriately.

The first time I meet this situation is around May 1st.

And as I know, there are so many users which in the google play often encounter this situation .

This problem is really bother me and please give me a hand!
Thank you!

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In case you have not tried, you could completely uninstall the application and then start again by installing from the Play Store.

As a Basic user you do not have access to the tech support ticket system. Sorry.

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hi Bruno:

I had already solved the problem!

The key of my problem is about the number of device which use Evernote.

You can try to go to your Evernote setting and then revoke your devices which use Evernote until the number of devices under two(two is okay!).

Hoping you can solve the problem too.

The helpless feeling is real bad and it really hard to get help from Evernote.

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