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Evernote for Mac 10.15

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Today we released Evernote for Mac 10.15 (v 10.15.6 build 2680).

This release contains Tasks Early Access. If you manage any tasks and checklists within Evernote, you’re going to want to check out the early access version of our newest feature. Announcement here.

Past release notes are archived here.

It is available now via the Mac App Store and as a direct download version from our website. If you are already running one of these versions, we are progressively rolling out to compatible devices and the new version will be available on all supported operating systems within 7 days. To learn how Evernote delivers app updates, when you’re eligible for an update, and how to update your Evernote app, visit How Evernote delivers app updates to our customers.

New to Mac 10.15

  • Tasks Early Access - see the forum announcement (and accompanying early access forum for your feedback) here.
  • If the Collapse Sidebar toggle was getting in your way of the keyboard shortcut menu and hover state - it’s now a little more user friendly.

Fixed highlights:

  • The app would occasionally prevent you from editing a shared note, even though no one else was editing it.
  • If you opened a note that was already open in another window, you’d expect the app to bring that window to the front.
  • Turning off spellcheck should now correctly apply to note windows.

Coming soon:

  • Dragging and dropping note links and tags directly into your note
  • Additional export options (in progress - HTML and export options released in 10.13)
  • Import folder
  • Duplicate more than one note at a time
  • Filtered notes widget for Home


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