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Evernote Kicks me out when internet drops on IOS

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I have been a happy Evernote user for a number of years. However, recently the app has become completely unreliable. When using the app in a presentation the other day my notes all of a sudden went away and I was left with nothing but a white screen with the Evernote logo in the centre. I was forced to run the rest of my presentation without notes because Evernote would not open. This has never happened to me before, but now it is happening regularly and it is quite frustrating. Turns out that every time my device loses wifi connection it kicks me out. I assume this is related to the new update 10.10. Please advise how I can revert back to a legacy edition of Evernote on the iPad. Or please help me solve this issue. Thanks! 

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1) You can’t go back, does not work on iOS 

2) You can download your EN database for offline use. EN iOS, settings, notebooks, offline notebooks. You can select, or download all.

When you search the forum a little you will find detailed instructions of how to do the initial download in a reasonable time frame. Without using a few tricks it can take very long. iOS does not allow an app long background activity.

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