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(Archived) Strange version 2 problem


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I discovered this loading my Livescribe data to evernote.

I had been loading a few pages at a time from Livescript desktop to evernote, syncing my windows client (3.5) and tagging them there. But I decided to go ahead and load an entire livescribe journal into a notebook that was also stored off line in the android 2 client. But when I tag it there strange things happen. To eliminate livescript as part of the problem I checked and can reproduce the problems without. I did the following steps just now.

With windows client a created a new note, then dragged and dropped a jpg file on it. I then synced my windows client. Started the android client and sync'ed it. I waited till the sync was complete. Then opened the new note. the jpg appeared in it. I then tagged it. Then closed and reopened it. Now instead of showing the jpg, it has a button on the note with the name of the jpg. If I tap the button it asks me what I want to use to open the file, I pick gallery and it shows the picture. I sync and then look use the web client everything looks normal including tags, sync the windows client everything looks normal again including the tags created by the android client. I repeat with a new note and different jpg. This time when I add tags and come back it doesn't show the jpg, or a button but has a little blue square with a "?" in it.

Now I play around add text on web, and the windows client and sync. Now it is really strange. The android client and the web client show I have a total of 1912 notes, and the notebook which has the test notes has 1064, but the windows client show total notes 1911 and the notebook 1063. I have synced and synced and these numbers don't change.

I think my best work around is to not use the Android client to tag notes at least not notes with a jpg in them.

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