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I am used to the default magenta color for notebooks from the legacy version for Windows and I quite enjoyed customizing multiple notebooks by giving them different colors and style. FYI, colors aren't just for decoration. They serve a purpose of neatly organizing and making notebooks more visible for quicker access. 

Since I have many notebooks and stacks, the new version seriously hinders my ability to navigate between them quickly and intuitively. Notebooks and stacks having the same color is a silly design choice and the indentation for notebooks alone is not good enough. Also, favorite or shortcut functions are totally useless as they only clutter the sidebar with redundant lines because I visit all my notebooks equally frequently.

I wonder why such a simple but extremely helpful feature was left out in the latest version of the software. Believe it or not, the lack of notebook colors is only thing that keeps me from using the new version. Please consider fixing it.

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