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Good day 

We are using the premium plan and have shared our notebooks to some people; however from once in a while the people we shared with get a message that they should upgrade to premium because there is not enough space to add documents, sometimes the content in the notebook is really small and others who have much more content aren't experiencing this problem. 

We would just give it time and soon after they are able to add their documents on the notebook we shared but it's a problem we face often and want to deal with it effectively. 

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Do the people you are sharing to use the EN app to open the shares ?

They are treated as Basic users, so a number of problems may occur.

One is the note size - you create the note with a Premium limit of 200MB, Basic limit is 25MB per note.

The other may be the upload limit. Yours is 10GB/month, Basic has 60MB/month. When they open the note and modify it (entering a space is enough), it is treated as modified, and will upload to reflect the change on the server. This chews on their monthly upload limit.

Maybe you can check if any of this causes the problems.

In general EN is fine to share smaller note sizes. If you want to move a ton of content, try to upload it to a regular cloud service, and share the link. You will have to check out there as well, since the (free) plans differ, but on most cloud storage the caps are much higher.

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