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First Double billed for Premium account and then Premium disappears



I have contacted Evernote multiple times regarding this. I noticed I was getting double billed for a premium account, first with a monthly subscription and then an annual subscription. After repeatedly pushing for Customer Service to respond I finally received the response to delete the monthly subscription. Fine, I did. And then lo and behold, days later I get an error trying to do a file upload with the message that I reached the maximum monthly upload on my 'basic' account, even though I still have an annual premium account which shows in the app subscriptions and on the ios iphone subscription. On top of it, I find that the Contact Us feature to report a problem has been removed from the app! Extremely frustrating all around. 

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I just signed up for a premium account, and was billed direct by evernote and also by google subscriptions! I would just cancel it on the google side but either way I fear that if I cancel either one it will downgrade me. Tried to submit a ticket, it says see Paypal about billing issues??? This has nothing to do with Paypal. So frustrating! I hope Evernote decides to invest in some direct customer service, because the product itself is great. 

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Whatever happened, it was not a Gremlin subscribing for you here and there. You did it to yourself.

If you subscribed through Google, it now should be listed among your Google subscriptions. This subscription can only be canceled through Google, not with EN.

No idea with the PlayStore - on the AppStore you can cancel every subscription within 14 days by „reporting a problem“, and get a full refund.

Anything subscribed and payed with EN directly can be treated by EN support. Issue a support ticket, ticket type Billing. This ticket type is accessible even for Free users. But again: They can only tackle issues with direct subscriptions, not the ones through the G/A-Stores.

Even if downgraded to Free, you won’t loose any data. 
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