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Download Offline Notes / Screen On Constantly ????



Why does the Android screen need to be on constantly when downloading notes for offline use??, why can't the notes download quietly in the background??.

So far this has taken weeks to download 60% of my notes for offline use, because I can only download at night while sleeping.

I had to download a "Keep screen on" App, and let the notes download overnight while sleeping, because I use my phone through the day and its a hassle to keep going back into settings to download notes after each time I pick up my phone to use.

Why can't the notes download quietly in the background through the day even when I'm using the phone.

This 'Keep Screen On Constantly' is ridiculous. 98% of the notebooks are text only, no images, but still taking forever because required to keep screen on / doing at night.

I feel like I'm in the 1990s, painfully slow.

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