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Keeps asking me to unsyc device.



I have 2 devices synced with Evernote as allowed on the free plan. Everytime I sign on with one of the synced devices it is asking me to unsync a device.  Eventhough I already did. I am unable to log in and use Evernote because now it says I have run out of the amount of syncs a month... however, I'm trying to use it on a device which is synced so I don't understand why it keeps asking me. It is happening on both devices I sign in on. 

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Have you already checked on your account pages whether there is somebody else accessing your account ?

There have been breaches of security, using login data stolen from other services and tried on EN. You are at risk if you use the same login for different services. 

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It doesn't seem like my account has been hacked. If that were the case, I would also assume there would be other devices not mine on there, but it is the same three devices on there. And it keeps asking me to unsync one of my own devices which I have done several times. I keep unsyncing my desktop but it keeps forgetting that I have done this. Could t here be a cache issue with the program?

It has not been opened on my desktop only my phone and laptop and everytime I log into either... I still have to unsync. 


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