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Visualise Offline Notebooks Synchronisation


Currently,  the only way to see what is available offline is to go into the notebooks  shortcut from the hamburger menu.

There, all notebooks currently being synchronized have a green progress bar.

Problem :

  • The progress is impossible to see. I have no idea how fast is the sync going or if it's even working
  • it doesn't stat how many of the total amount of notes from the notebook has already been synced
  • It looks awfully slow

Suggestion :

  • At the top of the screen, have a small dedicated space for sync progression
  • A number indicate the amount of notes that needs to be synced when you open the app
  • Another number indicated the amount of notes that have been synced
  • A progress bar for each note being synced (rather than for a whole notebook)
  • A very similar process works on the Spotify App which makes it easy to know how the offline player is doing under the hood
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Possible solution, yes. But from my experience relevant only during the initial download.

Once it is downloaded, and new content is added, the green bar is briefly showing on top of the app screen. It usually goes away within seconds.

To speed up the initial download, set autolockscreen to OFF, make EN the active app, maybe dim the screen down and plug the iPhone into a charger. My iPhone and iPad were set up this way, I started the download in the evening, and 20GB had been loaded the next morning. It works since 10.4 iOS, last glitches I had with offline content (search) were sorted out with 10.6.

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