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convert handwriting to text in penultimate



it seems i can add paper lines in penultimate but cannot convert handwriting to text  OR

in regular evernote I can convert handwriting to text but can't have lines 

Why can't both features be available in both ?


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I am not aware EN can convert handwriting into text. What I know it is indexing handwritten text - but no way to create a typed text file from a selection and copy it to a text editor. Handwriting created with the Sketch feature in EN is saved as PNG, which will be indexed.

Penultimate pages are transferred into EN as a JPEG attached to a note. JPEGs will be OCRed by the EN server OCR, which makes them searchable. But as in handwritten text, this will not create extracted text.

So in general, even if both tools have a different approach, the result will be the same: Indexed pictures of handwriting.

Personally I prefer GoodNotes 5: Smoother handwriting, full pdf annotation and the ability to select any handwritten text and convert it on the fly into typed text, among other features.

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