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Basic Evernote issue



I have been using Basic Evernote for a few months and really like it.  It has reciently updated to the latest version.  On Windows and Android.  When I go on the web for answers like this forum, it wasn't a problem in the past but evidently it thinks I have a version for the web also and keep kicking me out of either android or windows since you can onlyl have two devices.  How to I resolve this  I am retired and living on a fixed income and paying a monthly fee is beyond my means.  Any help would be appreciated.


Jim Reid


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Hi Jim, first edit your post and delete your mail address. It makes you a target for spammers.

Second open the devices / applications page in settings in any of the clients you use and withdraw authorization for any client you don’t want to use. With Basic the number of withdrawals is limited, you can’t do this repeatedly.

Use another user than your EN account user to log into this forum - if you use the same as your regular account and use it on the EN web site, it may count this as access to the web client.

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