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Narrowing down search

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When searching with a tag - evernote used to show a list of other tags as a refined list.

For example:

TAG-A - would show notes which contained other tags AND TAG-A. So narrowing down the search.

Now clicking the filter shows every tag you've ever created - so picking something does an AND - and if no notes exist - you get a "nothing found".  Which is a waste of time.

Is this the new behaviour?

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2 hours ago, Rashid Kotwal said:

Is this the new behaviour?

Yes, new in V10. It has been mentioned many times in the forums but to date no change. The useful way of adding a second tag by shift-clicking it in the sidebar has also been discontinued.

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Thanks Mike.  One wonders if anyone at Evernote actually asks their users what we want!  We get these wonderful videos from the CEO espousing all the great new features - but essential stuff like searching and printing don't work.  I wonder why I'm paying for a premium account.

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