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Evernote should be an app that we trust. Users should clearly understand that the notes added here will not be lost, that they can be quickly found. I don't trust the app anymore.


1. Broken filters. Tag filtering doesn't work. Most of the notes are lost. Tech support is aware of this issue. But nothing is being done about this long-standing problem. They just recommend using the advanced search syntax. It is better to roll out useless updates, rather than solve problems.

2. Broken tagging. When you create a new tag, nothing happens when you try to add the Cyrillic character "Б". The symbol is simply not added.

3. Broken synchronization. You have removed the sync button. But you didn't make the synchronization adequate. When I add a new note from my phone, if the computer app is enabled at that moment, I am forced to completely restart the app on the PC. Otherwise, the new note will not appear there.

4. Long synchronization. Maybe this is due to the fact that I have more than 5700 notes. But synchronization is unacceptably long.

5. Incorrect text editing on the phone. It is difficult for me to reproduce this bug, but sometimes when you move a line, the previous line is distorted, the fragment of the last word is shifted a few characters to the left.

And all this is just what I immediately remembered. But there are still a lot of small bugs.


I love this app and have been using it since 2013. But I hate this app.

All of your competitors who claim to have a full analog don't have the many features that you have. And it's terrible. I hate you, and I feel like a hostage, because I have nowhere to move all my notes, nowhere to run from you.

The only reason I'm still with you is because you don't have any alternatives. And it would be good if you finally fix all these problems before such a competitor appears.

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Hi.  Sympathies with the struggle - I've stayed with older versions of Evernote for Windows and Android until they get some of the differences straightened out.  I can only suggest that you report each issue when you find it,  and/ or go back to Legacy versions when and if you can to work around some problems. The company have issued more than a dozen updates in a few weeks,  so clearly they are working on their issues.  All we can do is be patient - or worst case,  go somewhere else.

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