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(Archived) What is Best Approach for Mac Speech to Text?



What is the best software and workflow for routinely converting audio speech files to text and storing in an EN Note?

The audio files could come from a variety of sources, including iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

The ideal workflow would be when an audio file is added to an EN Note it gets transcribed to text that is stored in the Note along with the audio file.

However, I can live with a manual transcription process something like this:

  1. [*:31y348z7]Save the speech audio file in EN
    [*:31y348z7]Manually open the audio file in the Speech-to-text app
    [*:31y348z7]Copy/paste the text back to the EN Note.

If any/all of this could be automated with something like AppleScript that would be great!

The only speech-to-text transcription app I have found for the Mac is:

MacSpeech Scribe

Anyone have any experience with this software?

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I don't have any experience with Scribe, but I just received a copy of Dragon Dictate 2.0 from Nuance which is the new version of the MacSpeech Dictate app -- and I am starting to try to figure out what is possible to do within its AppleScript dictionary.

One idea I had considered was to do something similar to what you propose, using something like Audio Hijack Pro to pipe in the audio from a recording into the "Dragon Pad", grab the transcribed text when finished, create a new text note in Evernote, and then attach the original audio file to that note. If I end up working on that, I'll come back here and give you an update!

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