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Desktop app on my Windows has not been opening for over a month.

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I have tried uninstalling, i have tried using older versions, I have tried installing the new, most updated, version, and every time I click to open the app a pop up message shows up . Please help. 1720944870_2021-04-15(1).thumb.png.0fbc4650b6d83947cf771bfffc2dd57a.png

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I am having the same problem since the last update the other day.  And my next step was to try and uninstall and re-install it, but that did not work for you, very discouraging.  But I guess I'll try it myself.  It is awfully frustrating not to get any support, and, I am a Premium, paid, user and have been for a number of years.

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Yeh, same, also a premium member for years but this is becoming really frustrating. It works fine on my phone, but I primarily use it on my laptop. 

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Be sure to uninstall AND delete all directories relating to the program.  For Evernote 10 they are:



If the issue persists then Premium and Plus users should raise a support ticket.

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