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Scanning into Evernote

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Is it possible to create notes by scanning with a scanner other than the Fujitsu ScanSnap?  I have a multifunction Brother printer/scanner MFC 8710DW as well as an Epson Perfection V550 Photo that I use regularly for documents/receipts/taxes.

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Hi.  Any scanner that will output any kind of document or image files can produce scans that you can attach to notes.  I'm old school - I scan documents to a folder on my hard drive,  edit and title my scans as necessary,  and then move them to a watched Import Folder (Windows Legacy only at this point) to be 'sucked' into Evernote. 

It's also possible to email into your account.  Direct and wi-fi scanning would be an issue to consult Brother on...

In both the email and Import Folder options above,  the scanned filename becomes the note title.  I use Filterize to tag and manage my imported scans into appropriate notebooks.

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Thank you.  Am I correct in understanding that scanning directly into Evernote - Legacy or V. 10 with my Epson or Brother are not possible?  I must scan to a separate folder and then import into Evernote?  Does Evernote perform OCR automatically on PDF's so I can use the search feature to find imported notes.





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1 hour ago, XR_Racer said:

scanning directly into Evernote - Legacy or V. 10 with my Epson or Brother are not possible?

No clue.  Try asking Epson and Brother about their scanners,  if there's no clue in the scanner documentation.  I have an old Fujitsu S1500 (precursor to the ix1500) which can scan direct into Evernote - it's an option in the Scan Manager app menu;  but I couldn't tell you how that is set up.  If there's no other option,  then scanning to a folder will work.

1 hour ago, XR_Racer said:

Does Evernote perform OCR automatically on PDF's

Subject to some slight delay and some size constraints yes - but I prefer to batch OCR my folder (another reason for using it) when I'm done scanning for the day.  Seems to me scans are marginally faster without also OCR-ing the content... but I like the confirmation that all my files are searchable immediately when uploaded to Evernote,  and not some uncertain time later.

Tips for searching scanned PDFs

How Evernote makes text inside images searchable

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