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Provide a toggle for update prompts



Seriously, provide a toggle to turn update prompts off. When I use evernote, i want it to load quickly and be ready for what I need to get down. I don't want to see a prompt about a new version every 3 days that I have to click through and I don't want to be downloading a new version ever 3 days. I understand you want to do sprints and agile development, please don't force your methodologies down my throat. I could give two flying frogs about your latest feature, give me an unannoying, fast notes app. I'm not saying you can't keep developing the way you do, what I'm saying is if you don't give me an option to turn off those prompts, I'm finding a new notes app created by people who understand what their customers want in a notes app......and annoying the life out of them isnt what they want. 

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17 hours ago, msfalcin said:

Seriously, provide a toggle to turn update prompts off.

Updates are returning features and bug fixes - in a new version that's generally a good thing.  Legacy has all the old features (including an option to avoid being updated) - though it's no longer being updated anyway.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote

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