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Premium Upgrade - no can do?

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A user for 7 years or so, no team, just me, mostly just to file/keep tabs on/search documents etc.  I want to upgrade to Premium mainly for (non Evernote) Emailing capability.  No can do.  Bought Evernote from Apple App store.  Bought Premium there.  Email confirmation etc.   But when I try to email a document it tells me to Upgrade to Premium.  Many times, rebooted system, re-installed Evernote etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam.  As we all know, "Customer Support" - in a direct (chat/email/phone sense) is not in the Evernote lexicon.  I can't say it's bad because in my experience it simply does not exist.  So can anybody here help me?  PS  When a company cannot (or makes it extremely difficult to) take my money, it's probably no long for this world so I've  converted 2,000 plus files to pdf and imported them to Apple Notes but I'm comfortable with Evernote and would like to continue.  The only questions are does Evernote want me to continue and when it comes to Evernote...is there anybody there?  Does anybody care?  

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Hi.  Apple and Evernote are not the same organisation, and sometimes upgrades get stuck or lost between them.  For general payment issues see - 

NB for iTunes payments please initially contact them direct.

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