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How to Share or Export an entire Evernote Setup (Stacks, Notebooks, Notes)?

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My personal Evernote setup uses PARA framework. 

  • STACKS are my "Projects" and "Areas" etc. 
  • NOTEBOOKS are under the stacks
  • NOTES are in the notebooks. 

I want to help my friend with a beginner Evernote template/setup using this same framework. He's never used Evernote, so he just started new account and shared username/password with me. And I set it up in there for him.

It would be WAYYY easier if I can create a whole template and make him a copy. I have other friends that want to use this same setup as well. But right now I don't know how to "share" or "export" this exact setup which includes the stacks, notebooks, notes. 

Someone please advise? 


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Have you find how can one make a notebook to be publicly shared with a link? I mean, I want to make a notebook (with all its notes inside) accessible to anyone with the shared public link, like a url that everyone can see just with web access. Thanks.

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On 4/3/2021 at 1:50 PM, hoosierscolts said:

Share or Export an entire Evernote Setup (Stacks, Notebooks, Notes)?

Evernote's share/export resources are at a per notebook, and include the notes within notebooks   
Organization into stacks is a manual process

Tags are included with the notes, but no hierarchy

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