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Do I need Evernote Web?

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Hi everyone! I am using Evernote on my computer and went to sync it to my phone, thinking that this was my 2nd device.  It then told me I had to upgrade to do so - when I looked at the devices I am using, it lists Evernote Web as one.  Do I need this?  What would happen if I deleted that? I would prefer to not have to pay to upgrade. Thanks!! 🙂

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On 3/27/2021 at 3:02 PM, katyo111 said:

I am using Evernote on my computer

Hi.  The installed client and the web version that uses your browser count as two separate devices.  If you drop the web version to keep using your mobile and the laptop you'll have a problem though - you need the web access to change devices!!  If you find the web access is good enough I'd suggest you choose the web + mobile as your options.

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