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Hmmn.  My 8.13.3 is working fine (Galaxy Note / Android 6).  Standard advice for a mobile device glitch is uninstall / reinstall,  but it's possible that you might wind up with v10 that way - although I understood that v10 was only for the latest Android version so far...  you could check in the play store and see what you get offered.

8.13 APK's do exist,  and if you want to take the risk of a non-play-store download it should be possible to step back even if you do incur the wrath of v10 - I'd suggest you do go ahead and uninstall / restart / reinstall... the latest version of v10 isn't totally horrible (I'm told), but if you do hate it there are ways to step back... 

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On 3/28/2021 at 4:07 PM, nancys said:

I didn't find this app on the Play Store. But why?

Hi.  It's been replaced by the new version 10.  There are third party sites from which you can download the older apps,  but they're not recommended...

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