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Bring back basic Evernote Search functionality



In Evernote Legacy, you could select a notebook (or a stack), then right above the list of notes there was a search box.

The search box would only search within the selected notebook or stack. Further, when one started typing the list of matching notes containing the search term in their full text would automatically start to change as one typed. As one typed, one could see if the note in mind would appear, and if not, one could quickly modify the search term to find the note. Each letter typed or erased would instantaneously refresh the list of matching notes within the selected notebook or stack. This was a very effective way for Evernote to deliver on its promise to "help capture ideas and find them fast."

Yes, the new search functionality has predictive capabilities (suggested search-terms based on my behavior that frankly clutter both the screen and my thoughts as I'm trying to find something), it automatically changes & updates the list of exact matches with note titles, matching tags, and available filters. But one has to hit enter in order to start seeing a list of matching notes with the term somewhere in the full text. If the focal note is not in the results, one needs to go back and try other terms. This is very inefficient. 

Yes, I know you can select a notebook or stack, click on search, then click on "add filter" and search within the selected notebook (notice how it takes more clicks to accomplish this). But still, the list of notes in the notebook is not automatically updated as one types. If you think about it, people are not looking for tags, filters, or words that are only in the note titles (which is what the current "improved" search function prioritizes), people are looking for notes!

Worst of all. In the new, "improved" search function, it is possible to type a search term that does not appear in the search-term suggestions, but that is indeed in the text of the notes! Psychologically, typing something and not seeing it in the list of possible 'matching' terms signals that it most not be a term in the notes! But, in fact, Evernote's current search function only includes suggestions for recent searches, titles of notes, tags, and other available filters. It does not include words contained in the full-text of notes. So one might type a search-term that would match with the full-text in notes, but Evernote is not going to put it as a suggestion. One needs to click "enter" and only then will one find out if the search has a matching note or not. Again, very inefficient. 

The current, "improved" search function might make it easy to filter & search based on tags, but it does not deliver on Evernote's main promise to "help capture and find ideas fast". 

Despite my strong negative reaction to recent Evernote releases, I'm willing to speak to a product manager or product developer about this via video-conference. 


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Hi.  You're posting in the Evernote Windows 6.25 forum but I'm guessing your message is about the new v10.   If it is,  it would be better to make your point in the 'Feedback' section for the new version.  Any changes that might result are not going to be on a short timescale,  so the standard advice would be to install and use the Legacy version for the meantime at least - which I see you already know.  Evernote rarely respond to individual posts here,  so I don't think they'll conference with anyone  - this is,  by the way a mainly user-supported area.  Direct contact with Evernote is via the Support link on the web page.

If you can confirm which version of Evernote you're using,  someone can move this post to the appropriate area.

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