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Evernote 10.6 on iOS. Whenever I open this app, it takes forever to download my notes. I am constantly getting "Note unavailable.please refresh the page or try again later. Is there a problem with servers? OTOH on Mac everything works fine. added to that, it does not appear under the tag I gave it in the tag list - on Mac.

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You can check the server status here:

If it is a specific note that is the problem, maybe use the Mac to create a duplicate of it, and delete the original one. Go to the trash, select it and delete it a second time to really remove it.

If you still have a problem, reinstall the iOS client. Uninstall, dump all data, switch the iPhone completely off and on again, reinstall the app, log in and now let it sync. Wait until the initial download is done.

Try again.

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