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(Archived) Can't play audio notes in Windows (needs file extension)


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When the latest beta (5) records an audio note, the audio file is saved without a file extension. The filename comes out as "Android-Audio-2010-06-04_140633-amr", and Windows doesn't know what to do. If I add a '.amr' extension on the end, Windows can play it fine with Quicktime.

I created the audio note directly from the widget on an HTC Desire, if that matters.

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Was just trying to figure this one out...

Spent a while looking at file-type associations and registry entries before I noticed that there is no file extention...

.amr was actually -amr

Glad to see it's fixed soon.

Loving the new Android client. It's made Evernote a frequently used service for me.


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I just downloaded the version 4 Evernote for Windows software and I'm having the same problem of playing an audio note that I recorded on my Android smartphone. When I try to play the file it comes back with a pop up window that says "Error -43: a file could not be found (Documents)". The file plays fine in the new Evernote for Android software on my phone (by the way, very nice job there with that latest version). Would love it if I could get this to work properly on my Windows software version guys!

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