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(Archived) Clipping on Android


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Sorry if this a repeat of an earlier request, didnt find anything relevant on "Clip" or "Clipping"...

How can you clip from the Andriod 2.2 browser and get the clip added to your notebook. The client can help retrieve the clips, so i am not worried about this. Also does anyone know how to clip on Windows Phone7? Thanks

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When you are in your Andriod 2.2 browser, you can click menu button and select Share page. From Share via, you should see "Evernote - Create Note". Click on it and it will create a new note for you.

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The content of the created note is determined by the application that sends the content. There are applications like Pulse which send the content of the pages they view but the default Android browser only provides the URL.

We're looking into ways to support full page clipping from Android but it's not currently not supported.

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I've just tried the Dolphin Browser's screen clip plug-in. It has a share option, but the only option is to clip the entire screen, and it does it as a jpg, not as text etc., and you'll need to separately paste in the URL if you need it.

It may be useful in some cases though.


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