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New Meeting Note from Google Calendar - auto populate details

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With a Google account connected, including a calendar, is it possible to create a new meeting note from an event on Google Calendar? When opening new > Meeting Note, there's a template that includes Date & Time, Goal, Attendees, Agenda, Notes, Action Items. However none of this is populated and there doesn't seem to be an option for grabbing data from an existing event. 

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Within Evernote's settings, under Security > Connected Services > Google, it shows as connected for the calendar (see image). It says Add calendar events to your notes - am I misunderstanding the description of the built-in connection?

evernote google connected.png

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5 minutes ago, nadaladanotes said:

am I misunderstanding the description of the built-in connection?

Hmmn.  Haven't seen that before.  Maybe someone else who uses that feature can advise both of us what it can do!

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