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Google map links now open in chrome instead of the good map app.

There is no way to click though to the app (VERY ANNOYING) due to the link opening inside Evernote.


I have been using this feature for 6 years, and it suddenly gone.


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I managed to open GMaps link inside GMaps app, but it takes some steps.

You have to be in note edit mode (green checkmark in upper left side of note). Touch and hold GMaps link. Android syntax menu opens. Choose open in app (I have no idea why there is GMaps logo missing).

This then opens link inside GMaps app.

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I tried you method. 

I still end up in the chrome page inside Evernote with the "Done" at the top.

I am offered the option to open in the app, but when I click on it, nothing happens (I think because the page is being run with in Evernote)

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