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Sending a question and getting an answer from customer or technical support



Dear Sir or Madam, I am attempting to send a question and hoping for an answer from Evernote.  Is this possible, I can find anything anywhere that shows me how to do that.  As you can see from the screenshot below.  I was able to do that as recent as 2 months ago.  I am premium user.


These are my 3 questions

  1. How can I send a question and get an answer from Evernote on questions 2 and 3.
  2. Evernote will no longer work on my Oneplus 5 cel phone.  It uses android oxygen version 10.0.0
  3. I use a Mac and a PC on win 10 at work with Evernote.  I am attempting to resize the windows that I create for notes to a smaller width.  I want to make it half the size that it appears in the screenshot below, but Evernote will not let me.





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Je me demande aussi comment recevoir de l'aide lorsqu'on a pas trouvé de solution dans les nombreuses publications ? Apparemment il n'y a pas d'aide ! Il faut se débrouiller seul. J'ai un simple problème d'affichage de la note (elle s'ouvre depuis peu en bas de note, et j'aimerai que la note s'ouvre en haut. Android) Je n'ai trouvé aucune réponse, tutoriel ou solution après plus de 2h de recherche... Merci pour la productivité. C'est énervant, et c'est dommage pour la publicité d'Evernote !

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If you scroll a little in this forum, you find several posts about this issue.

Its a known bug, acknowledged by EN support, which will be fixed in one of the next updates.

To contact support you must be a subscriber. In this case you find a support option in your mobile app settings, support, issue ticket, and in several other places, using a web interface.

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