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pdf NEVER imports

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When I open Evernote on my ipad, this message is at the top:  Importing xxxxxx.pdf' and underneath that  "13 clips remaining".

The sync icon is spinning.

It NEVER completes.  I don't even know what that pdf is, so I just have been clicking on the x to close it out....after waiting several minutes.

This process/message does not pop up on my Mac desktop.

It's getting annoying as heck and now I'm wondering what the 13 clips are!  I would like to eliminate this, even if I do have to lose some clips, but how?????

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2 hours ago, pinemeadows said:

This process/message does not pop up on my Mac desktop.

It doesn’t appear on your Mac because the clips originated on your iPad and are trying to import there first.  It is either stuck on a clip or struggling to download a very large one, and is now backed up. No new clips will load until this is resolved.  If allowing it more time to download doesn’t work, then I think a reinstall is your next step.  You will lose all of those pending clips.

 I’ve seen clips take a while but never get stuck.  It would be useful to see a list of pending clips and be able to selectively delete an offending one.

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This is happening to me a lot!  If I do a web clipping and go right to Evernote I can assure imports are not backing up in import, but what a pain.  If I clip something it is important to me and when I see a number that are stuck it really ticks me off.  I have to delete and re-download the app just about every day now.....grrrrr. I am going to look for an alternative app soon.

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