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Can't upgrade to Android version 10

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I am using version 8.13.3 of Evernote on Android on a Chromebook (Pixelbook} and find the experience very poor. I am also using the same version on  a Pixel 3A smartphone running Android 11, but my Playstore says I am already using the most up to date version of Evernote on my Chromebook and my phone.  I am English living in France.  Does anyone have any ideas why I can't upgrade?

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The access to v10.x is restricted depending upon Android version and device as well as location in the world. The limits are Android 10 and above and I doubt that France would be a problem. But it is quite possible that the Pixel 3A isn't included in the roll-out yet. My wife has a Pixel 3 which doesn't get Evernote 10.

If you are desperate and feel able to take on the tech challenge then you could try sideloading the apk from apkmirror. If it doesn't work well you will be able to uninstall and reinstall from the Play Store back to version 8.13

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