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Blank pop up appearing



Every time i open Evernote, whether from browser or from Windows, it appears a blank pop up with a loading circle. It closes, but it reappears 2 times. And is kinda annoying, mainly because i can't do anything till this loading finishes.

Someone can tell me if that's a common bug or there is something i can do to fix this? Thanks


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It seems that you are Brazilian like me and I haven't seen anyone else talking about this problem here.

I'm struggling with the same case (but the popup appears more than 4 times some cases), maybe it's regionalization loading to update some files...

And this is very annoying and bad, just like the whole new Evernote.

And it's certainly not related to the CPU/RAM of the PC or even with something that is running along that makes Evernote loading slow, I tried everything.

Update after update and the problem continues, is there a roadmap to fix it?


Version: 10.7.6-win-ddl-public (2321)

Service: v1.27.2


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Are you on a free account ?

Then you probably have exceeded your device limit of 2 devices.

Go to your account settings, tab devices, and unsync so many devices to get down to 2. If you want to add a device, it needs to be at 1.

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