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(Archived) suggestion: iPhone / mobile version of Evernote web clipper


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I use it now, on my Ipad and Iphone. There are two ways to do it.

1.) Easy way

Buy the Icabmobile browser from the App store for $1.99, so it's not a big investment. The browser has plugins, and there just happens to be one for Evernote. Install it and enjoy. Personally, I use the Icabmobile browser for more reasons than just evernote. I think it's got better features, is more stable and will even sync bookmarks to/from a dropbox account (to name a few).

2.) Hard(er) way

If you search around for an Evernote web clipper for Ihpone, you'll get a few hits. Some folks have provided code samples which can be used to create a custom bookmark in Safari to clip to Evernote. When I first got my Ipad, I did this, but since I've discovered the Icabmobile approach described above, I never experimented with it on the Iphone ... but I bet it works.

I'm feeling too lazy on a Saturday night to hunt it down for you, but here's an example of what works on the Ipad ... you take it from here.


* replace [dot] with real .'s.

Hope this helps,


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