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  1. So many settings in so many apps, and so little time to master or disable them all. This workaround is a short sweet solution to an annoying issue seen in EN and other software. In and out quick - nobody gets hurt. W.
  2. Been a premium user since 2009, and still use the product often, so I'm not here to bash Evernote. However, one thing that has frustrated myself and others is the inability to create subsections. I recall how this user community pushed hard and Evernote finally acquieced with the Stacks functionality, but you can't have sub stacks. I use Onenote at work because it's pre-installed on so many systems and we can share/access network located info. In the course of farting around, I recently just discovered that you can nest subsections, thus allowing for a multi-layered structure. Screen cap in this message shows this better, but this is very useful and a much needed feature in Evernote. A Single stack has never and will never be good enough. Have tried tags, but over time the quantities get hard to handle use efficiently. In the example cap provided, you'll see that I stopped at 6 levels. Not sure how many it will take, however, any more than this was causing screen shifting and name truncation oddities when tried on various Windows, Android, web, and Mac platforms. I'd be happy with 3 levels. Interested in comments from folks who may have tried this. W.
  3. Logged in just to share something. The '----' issue you described drives me nuts in EN and most MS Office apps. The useful work-around I discovered was to just perform a soft return (shift-enter) after the last dot. Works in all apps that have this annoying functionality. Becomes second nature after a while. W.
  4. Sorry, works perfectly for me. Not sure if it matters, but I do have a premium account. Also, if you're behind a corp proxy, you might have issues. try again at home and see if your own gear allows more.
  5. Hey B&F - long time no see. Have been busy and away from the forums for a while. Thanks for the app tip - will give it a try. I had used Quickever and Egretlist, but never stuck with them - for various reasons. Now, I've got 2 for you. Phatpad has 2 apps that sync w/ EN - Witepad and Phatpad. In addition to synching w/ EN, they also FINALLY give me what I had 5 years ago on my old Ipaq. They recognize handwriting. Link to the IOS apps at Phatpad: http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=pag ... cts/iphone A bit more expensive ($5 each - if I recall), but hopefully the beginning of a new trend in functionality on IOS devices. Also, I see you're a Iphone user. So am I, but I've only been using the two apps I mentioned above on my Ipad. In fact, I even went as far as to buy a stylus, and it was well worth the $10 investment. Would hate to make a recommendation that was a poor Iphone choice because of its smaller screen size. My only regret with many of the best IOS apps is that they have to be run as stand-alone apps, rather than where they are most needed. For example, the writepad app would be extremely useful if I could access it directly from the mail app, for new messages or replies. The way it works now is that you have to load the App on its own, then write your message, then use the built-in send function to email. My ancient Ipaq had all this built into the system and available everywhere. Even with this limitation though, its still very good for note-taking and other uses. Nice to see you again, W.
  6. Mdave: Still rolling! Upgraded to an Iphone and Ipad combo a while back and am not looking back. Different and better in almost every way. Bye bye blackberry! W.
  7. I use it now, on my Ipad and Iphone. There are two ways to do it. 1.) Easy way Buy the Icabmobile browser from the App store for $1.99, so it's not a big investment. The browser has plugins, and there just happens to be one for Evernote. Install it and enjoy. Personally, I use the Icabmobile browser for more reasons than just evernote. I think it's got better features, is more stable and will even sync bookmarks to/from a dropbox account (to name a few). 2.) Hard(er) way If you search around for an Evernote web clipper for Ihpone, you'll get a few hits. Some folks have provided code samples which can be used to create a custom bookmark in Safari to clip to Evernote. When I first got my Ipad, I did this, but since I've discovered the Icabmobile approach described above, I never experimented with it on the Iphone ... but I bet it works. I'm feeling too lazy on a Saturday night to hunt it down for you, but here's an example of what works on the Ipad ... you take it from here. www[dot]nomadz[dot]net/forum/showthread.php?146-Evernote-clipping-pages-from-Safari-on-iPad * replace [dot] with real .'s. Hope this helps, W.
  8. Thanks. And, while the guys/gals are fixing it, please ask them to get rid of that annoying [GO] button and make the selected list item execute when chosen. How do you expect me to be able to drive properly if I've got to click all those buttons? If I have an accident, it's Evernote's fault! W.
  9. When using the Evernote mobile web site (www.evernote.com/m) on my Blackberry browser, my saved searches are sorted by the creation date of the saved search. I'm trying to keep a series of searches at the top of the list using the "_" prefix. This works perfectly on the desktop client or desktop web UI. Also, the issue is present when I try the mobile site on my desktop system, so I know that it's not a Blackberry browser issue. How can I sort the saved search list? W.
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