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Turning off highlighted text in search results

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I appreciate that the search results by default highlight your search text. But I often am searching for a note that I want to send to someone as a screenshot, or post as a screenshot to social media, and I'd like the ability to turn off the highlighted text--it presents a distraction, and looks amateurish:



In the old version, I believe that opening the note to edit it would dispel the highlighting--acceptable as a workaround for the lack of a dedicated "turn off highlighting" command. But that's not true of the new version. There doesn't seem to be any way to make the highlighting go away. Is that accurate? Has anyone found a workaround? (I'm sometimes resorting to doing a second search on an obscure phrase in a note just so there will be *less highlighting*.


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I have "All Notes" list sorted by newest edited first:

1. Do your search

2. Pick the note and add somewhere a blank

3. Close the note, it will appear at the top of all notes.

4. open it make a screenshot



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