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Upgrade to Premium via Google play

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I would like to upgrade my account from Plus to Premium, but how is that possible? I did my subscription via Google play and cannot find an option to upgrade. This is more than frustrating. I would like to have Premium asap and not wait until the end of may Plus subscription period. Is there any option? ....
Looking very much forward to your help.
Thanks, MRS
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Personally I am on iOS and the AppStore. 

If you do not want to use the in-App-option, you probably need to let your current subscription expire before you can change the model. At least it works like this in the iOS AppStore.

Maybe support can help, if you issue an „account“ ticket.

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Not my invention. When I had an issue, EN told me they would help me if I had the subscription directly with them. But in case of the AppStore (and probably the PlayStore as well) they are not in the loop. Apple (and Google) handle these payments exclusively, not letting the app developer in.

So basically you can decide whether your legal partner is EN - or an in-between that happens to run the App/PlayStores of the world.

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