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Highlight AFTER clipping in Evernote desktop

A brother in Christ


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I'm surprised no reply/answer under such an important feature request.

On my current version (windows), still NO way to highlight a web clip, which is not editable. The only option is to "Simplify and Make Editable". The problem with this is, the reason it come as web clip is that the simplified format is NOT readable at all. Otherwise, I've already clipped as simplified format. I think this "Simplify and Make Editable" totally missed it's purpose. 

This is frustrating when Evernote cannot make notes... 🙃

If I dare to ask for more, I'd like to search highlights/notes after allowing me highlight web clip. 



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I concur.  I want to be able to take entire articles in order to provide the full context, then highlight (and possibly add side notes) over the article my own take-aways.  This would greatly help my process of showing my notes in the full context of the piece being analyzed / processed.

Saving the article is similar to downloading and printing off a research article that could then be highlighted with a physical highlighter pen and dog ear, book noted or posted noted.

Further, I would love to go in later and remove/delete sections (e.g. remove the ads) that are also injected into the article, but this is a separate request.

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You have to decide:

1) In EN, make it editable, write right into it.

2) Convert it into a pdf or picture file, in EN use annotation.

3) Use any other tool, annotate it, import the result into EN.

Pick your choice.

Don‘t like it ? Send EN feedback, or ask support.

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