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(Archived) With Premium version can I attach an Apple Mail e-mail?



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Links are not implemented in Evernote. What you can do is simply forward the email to your EN email address (log onto the web client, settings.) Then sync it down to your desktop client & merge it with the existing note. That works for premium and free (I'm pretty sure.)

Other options include adding a screen cap of the email (if it fits on a single screen) or printing the email to PDF & adding the PDF to the existing note.

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Actually, if you drag an email to Evernote from Apple mail, it creates a note with an "EML" file as an attachment. I am guessing that EML is a file format specific to Mail, but I really don't know. Drag an email to the desktop and you get the same thing - an EML file.

It is not a link to the original email -- but you can use Quick Look to open it, or re-open it in Mail to see the content.

The downside is that the text within the email won't get indexed for searching. So I usually copy and paste the text of an email into Evernote so that it shows up in searches.

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