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  1. Not for me.. Still wrong results with 6.13.3. I'm hesitate to migrate to OneDrive or Notes on macos. (and I was a happy premium user from 2009 and 2014 for the business edition) Release are getting worse and worse...
  2. You could also try Karekod: Karekod – Create QR Code for Evernote…
  3. Yes. I'm still working on it. Do you have connected your evernote account on it ? (File/Evernote/Connect) Next version will have automatic (recurrent) synchronisation of web page to evernote.
  4. Do you drop on the dropcircle application icon ? Not on the dropcircle icon in the docking.
  5. Could you try last build ? http://bit.ly/15WaTWo
  6. New version 0.4 available now at the same adress: bit.ly/15WaTWo
  7. v0.2. Same location. Mainly bugfixes (mails without title don't crash anymore, authentification is fixed, ...)
  8. Hi, I'm the developer of DropCircle. What's DropCircle ? DropCircle is the easiest and best way to insert files, large and small, into your Evernote account. To upload a file to Evernote with DropCircle, just drag it to the DropCircle icon. If it’s an html file (or Safari link), a true Evernote not will be created with all the images embedded in the note. Same things for mail. Simply drag and drop a mail for mail.app or from exchange and you'll have a good looking note in place of the .eml file created by the Evernote application. You want to backup your wordpress blog (or any other blog supporting rss) ? Just drag and drop the rss file with all the articles to DropCircle. DropCircle create a note for each post with all images embedded and with correct timestamp. Currently, DropCircle supports: eml files atom/rss files html files all other files are added as resource in a new note. You could download a beta version of DropCircle here: http://bit.ly/15WaTWo I wait your comments
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