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(Archived) Unable to open Evernote PDF's on EVO?


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Anyone else seeing this? I open Evernote, navigate to a saved PDF (which is a fairly large keynote or powerpoint file), I get the Evernote icon for opening the file, then I see this. PDF Viewer: Unable to Open this File". If I keep trying, it will eventually open but none of the slides actually show up even though it is saying 1 or 60 or whatever.

Thanks for your help.

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I have the exact same phone using pdf viewer for Android, (ver. 1.00.1045) and I have no problem to open pdf files.

I recommend to check the following:

1. do you have enough diskspace.

2. reboot your phone and try to open a smaller pdf file to see if it can open.

3. can you transfer the "problem"pdf to your phone and open it directly from your pdf viewer application? If this works, You can use SendLog to access the logs from your device and email them to:


Thanks! We appreciate the feedback and help.

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Thank you. I did reboot the phone, and was able to open a smaller powerpoint pdf. It was slow but it did open. I again tried the larger file and like I said it seems to open but only a small part of the graphics actually show. Not sure how to see how much memory I have available or what version of pdf viewer I have.

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