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I was using the new Editor in Evernote when this happened.  I use Evernote to link to Shoeboxed so my S-box files end up in EN.  When I come into EN, I can search for the file, see there is a PDF attached but cannot open the PDF.  I can however use the link at the top right of screen to get to the PDF(which takes me correctly to the PDF stored within Evernote not to Shoeboxed).  I"m using the web version.  This happens with all documents and gets fixed when I go back to the Old Editor.

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I am having the same problem. I have thousands of Shoeboxed documents.  The integration used to place a copy into Evernote.  Now it places a “file clip“ which is possibly only a thumbnail of the first page and a link to the Shoeboxed version.  I think when I first started using Shoeboxed I deleted some of the files there once they were in Evernote. Not good.

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I have the same problem. The scanned document used to appear in Evernote. Now I only see text for the title, date, total, and payment type, and the scanned document is missing. This affects thousands of my Evernote items. Please investigate this and let me know how it can be fixed. Thank you.

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Anybody in this thread asked support yet ?

EN support and Shoeboxes support, because both have a part in this.

From what I have read about that service, it is the only way to shed some light into the matter. The forum is user2user, nobody here will take action for you unless somebody may know something by accident. Since there have been no answers, I doubt it.

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