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Notes created via IOS deleted overnight - twice!

Dawn G


Hello - I've created 2 notes in the past 2 days that overnight have been deleted. I see them in the Activity log of my phone app but I do not know why they are now missing. They are not in the trash  on phone, mac client or web client.  

Also, noticed that when i created a new version on my Mac and then edited on my phone, it then creates 2 versions.  The one from the phone is an updated one, and the Mac version not updated. 

To add to this, I have uninstalled and re-installed evernote on both my mac computer and phone. 

In case helpful to diagnose this, my log in is a google email, however I'm not logging "with" google.  Is that why this is happening?  I've submitted 2 support tickets for this.  Please help. I have had Evernote since 2013 and I've never had this problem. Thanks!!!! 

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No, not in this forum.

When you have a problem, issue a support ticket (which you already did, so they may be pending. Support reaction time is not really great at the moment).

What you tell sounds like notes that never synced to the EN server. The mobile clients depend on syncing to the server. If this does not work reliably, uninstall the mobile app, dump all data, switch the phone completely off, wait a little, on again and then reinstall, log in and wait until the initial sync has completed.

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