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Request: [Jump to End] feature - in UI




Every time when I need to add something to the note on smartphone I have to spend 20-40 seconds scrolling it down.

The note is not so big (700-1000 lines of text) but scolling on a devices takes a time.

It would be nice to have a [Jump to the End of Note] action in UI to avoid long manual scrolling and go directly to adding text to the end of note!


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Hi - general rule of thumb on mobiles is that short notes are better - less time to sync,  less to lose if it goes wrong, and in a longer thread, generally quicker to jump to the section (i.e. the note) that you need rather than scrolling through lots of text.  I keep a template for some actions so I can add an update note quickly,  and a saved search for a linking keyword (part of the template) so that I can see all notes on that topic quickly and sort them in created date order to find the latest one if I need it.

It's also possible to use table rows for entries and make the latest addition by adding a row at the top of a note rather than the bottom - but as I said above... there are some security advantages for shorter notes that makes me prefer them.

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Jump to end on mobile device has been a requested feature by MANY users, for years now.  I know this because I've googled a solution to this problem many times - hoping for an update on a fix - only to find, each time, that the requests remain unsolved.  Whether it defaults to bottom or top is not a big deal (users will have different preferences), but there should definitely be either an option to (a) set your preference, or (b) a command/gesture to quickly jump to bottom. Touching top-left of iPhone already jumps to top...but nothing to get to bottom of note.  Surprised that EN hasn't addressed this already with so many requests in various forums, posts...but hoping one day they will.  Perhaps one more request will help...

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