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(Archived) No widget with beta? (SOLVED)


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Just installed the Evernote 2 beta (Build 106218) on my Nexus One running Froyo (no previous version of Evernote was ever installed on this device since reset) and I have no widget available to add to the home screen. Is this normal?

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The widget should work correctly ... I have it on my 2.1 Droid.

Try deleting any existing Widget from the old version, and then see if you can install a new widget on the home screen.

There is no old widget, as there was no old version on this device.

When I click Add>Widget, there's no Evernote widget on the list at all!

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1. Move from SD to phone - didn't solve. Still no widget on the Add list

2. Uninstall

3. Reinstall

4. Add widget and leave on internal memory

I believe this qualifies as a bug for you to solve... :-)

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