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  1. Why not 1) select the first image in a note as the thumbnail 2) also let the user override this by selecting a specific image as the thumbnail?
  2. mptpro

    URL to a tag?

    I'm using the new beta web version. Is it possible to get a URL to a tag that I can bookmark? For example, I have a bunch of email templates stored as individual notes and tagged as "email templates". I want to bookmark a URL that would bring up all notes tagged as such. I have tried doing so, but when I click the saved link it doesn't display the work.
  3. The reason I want to move to Evernote is a number of reasons. 1) there hasn't been any development on Google Books Library for years. I suspect they're abondoniong it in favor of Google Play Books. 2) I want the books in EN (one book per note) so I can make comments, add links, and cross reference to other book-notes. 3) I keep a daily journal and it would be nice to copy-note-link from a book that I've read into that day's journal.
  4. I'm web-based and Android, but I can get to a Windows machine if I have to. You found a Windows XML-to-Evernote converter?
  5. I found many uses for tags, but here is one... I smoke a lot cigars and frequent many cigar lounges. Each lounge carries a different variety of cigars, some of which are only available at particular lounge. I save a note for each cigar, and then tag it with a variety of tags, such as -favorite -cuban -lounge 1 -lounge 2 -lounge 3 -lounge 4 etc. So, when walking into lounge number 2 I pull out my Nuxus 5, fire up Evernote, and select saved search of "tag:lounge 2" and "favorite". It will show me a previous smokes that I enjoyed that I know are available at that lounge.
  6. I have hundreds of books cataloged in Google Books Library (not Google Play Books). See here: http://goo.gl/P4mJes I would like to move this database into Evernote. GBL allows an export into an XML file. I don't, of course, simple want to add the XML as an attachment. Ideally what I'm looking for is a script that would parse the XML file then create a note for each book into a note; including a cover image, and other details. I'm open to other ideas too. Thanks.
  7. Anyone having a problem with the Android Evernote Widget Grid not working in Android Lollipop? I'm on a Nexus 5 Lollipop I can create the Widget Grid but when I press the buttons they highlight, but nothing opens. The "normal" widgets do work.
  8. this does not work in the newest Android version. I can create a shortcut to a note, but not a notebook. Any ideas?
  9. I have the same problem, and am running the non-beta released today. Htc g2
  10. I want to chime in and say that I would like to see an EN Linux app, as it is one of about four apps that keeps me tied to Win (the others being a good Acrobat editor, Camstudio screen recording, Mozy Backup and maybe one or two more). However, EN's position on directing their resources to the highest payoff makes sense. I am an Android user as well and am very happy that they are working a lot in that space! Thanks to all at EN for your wonderful app!
  11. However, it doesn't work if the the notebook name has a "#" or "@" it it, correct?
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