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53 minutes ago, Chris_42 said:

I make duplicated copies of a daily journal that are updated each day.

It might be easier if I could just keep one note and see the history in a tabulated list, and to ne able to search that list history.

I also have separate daily journal notes; tagged as !Type-Journal, titled yyyy-mm-dd Journal    
I start each morning with a note generated from my journal template

Not clear about the "tabulated list"; a sample might help
It's easy to generate a note list, also search

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The current implementation is a list of versions. So a search would show all versions that have the search parameter.  For my purposes I'm interested in the date and time when change the occurred.  It's an audit trail.  Some people will want to recover the lost content.

If this was to be taken to the natural conclusion, the history would be displayed as a list of changes rather than as a list of versions.

For example "this is a sentence" deleted in version date-time, and "new text" added ... etc.  I don't see any value in reporting any changes other than text, images, etc.

The version is not very helpful to me. It's the content or the change that is important.

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